We all know someone who yo-yo diets. When it comes to big life changes such as our health, or giving up gambling,  many people get quite intense. Then they might fail and swing the other way again. 

The dieter has a cupcake and then figures they might as well stuff themselves with a whole tray; the gambler goes back to their online login, or steps foot in the bookies, and blows £1,000 to chase the ecstasy that comes with a Big Win.

Our habits are so deeply ingrained in us that they will keep on taking us back to the same places again and again; but the good news is that if you re-train yourself to be consistent, your brain will catch up and it will become easier and easier to be consistent.

Consistency breeds consistency; intensity breeds intensity

Consistency breeds consistency; intensity breeds intensity. This is true in diet, habits, fitness, priorities and goals, basically every area of our lives. Consistency is king in all except emergency situations. Consistency is also easier - think about it - is it easier to run for 20 minutes a day, or to not run for four weeks then get off the sofa and run a marathon?

It is also a lot easier to fail if you're being consistent. If you eat that cupcake or place a bet, but you've been consistently doing well, then you're more likely to treat it as a lapse that can be overcome rather than a failure that sets you back to square one. 

In your battle with gambling addiction, remember one thing - be consistent.

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