Terms and Conditions for Clients


1.     Definitions:

a.     “Better Futures for Gamblers” or “Better Futures” means Better Futures for Gamblers C.I.C., a company limited by guarantee, and registered in England number 09605646. It is a Community Interest Company, which is one of the forms of a Social Enterprise, and is in good standing with its membership of Social Enterprise UK.

b.     “Befriender” means a befriender or befrienders chosen in order to help clients work through the self-help materials.

c.     “Church” means a church which subscribes to orthodox Christian beliefs, and which has signed up to help a Client or Clients by providing voluntary Befriender(s).

d.     “Client” means someone who has voluntarily signed up to be helped by Better Futures.

e.     “Programme” means the materials supplied to the Client through the Course, and the interactions between Church and Client.

f.      “Advice” means the online brief advice supplied to Clients by Better Futures.

g.     “Course” means the self help course supplied to Clients by Better Futures.


2.     The Client’s responsibilities

a.     The Client will engage with the Programme, however it is delivered – through the Advice or the Course, and make reasonable efforts to effect change in their own life.

b.     When using the Course, the Client will make reasonable effort to attend every meeting that they mutually set up with their Befriender.


3.     Relationship with the Befriender

a.     The Client understands that:

 i.     The Befriender is there as a critical friend to help the Client work through the Course, and to provide pastoral care.

ii.     The Befriender role is voluntary and Befrienders are not acting as professionals (although they may have relevant qualifications and experience).

iii.     The Befriender role is not primarily to give advice, and if any suggestions are made, for example on how the Client may block gambling sites on their computer etc, then the Client is free to choose whether to act on these suggestions.

iv.     The Client will not disclose publicly anything which the befriender(s) shares with the Client on a confidential basis, eg the Befriender’s own history of addiction, except if required by a Court of Law or Court Order, or if related to a Police investigation.

v.     The Befriender may offer to pray with the Client at any meeting with them; Clients are free to refuse this feature without compromising the integrity of the Programme.

vi.     The Client may choose to attend any meeting with their Befriender(s) with another person, e.g. their spouse; however this must always be agreed in advance with their Befriender(s).


4.     Costs

a.     The Client understands that Better Futures is a social enterprise, and requires income in order to attract and help others.

b.     The Client is under no obligation to pay for any help offered by Better Futures, or to pay anything to the Church.

c.     It is explicitly hoped that the Client will pay what they can for the Course. It is also hoped that Clients will donate retrospectively for the Advice. This is to cover the costs of Better Futures so that other Clients may benefit in future, and also to expand the provision of Better Futures.


5.     Data provided

a.     The Client agrees that Better Futures can use the data they supply for the purposes of helping them with gambling addiction.

b.     The Client agrees that their data will be shared with a Church local to them, in order to find a Befriender(s) to help them.

c.     The Client agrees that their data, once fully anonymised, may be used in research, for statistical purposes, and for quality improvement. This anonymised data may be used by Better Futures or by third parties such as academics.

d.     The Client agrees that, in the event of their death, their records may be released to relevant parties, eg coroner.

e.     The Client understands that data will not be shared for any other reason, except in the exceptional circumstances defined under the Data Protection Act 1998.

f.      The Client understands that they have the right of access to ask for a copy of their data held by Better Futures at any time, under the Data Protection Act 1998.


6.     Follow up

a.     The Client agrees that Better Futures may follow them up for the purpose of monitoring outcomes, up to 24 months from the point of the Client’s initial assessment.

b.     The Client agrees that the follow up described in 6.a. may be through any medium they have agreed to at their initial assessment, and may be through the Church or directly from Better Futures.


7.     General liability

a.     Better Futures is responsible for establishing the connection between the Client and the Church. After this point, the Church becomes responsible for personal relations between the Befriender(s) and the Client.

b.     The Client is free to reject or accept the Befriender(s) offered by the Church, by corresponding directly with the Church.

c.     No warranty is provided that the Course, Advice, or Programme will be successful in helping the Client overcome their gambling addiction.

d.     The Programme is limited to the scope of the Course and the two Client-Befriender meetings related to this. Any on-going relationship between the Client and the Church, or the Client and the Befriender, is outside the scope of the Programme.

e.     If any one or more provisions above is found to be illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.