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Doing your Life's Task will require taking risks. These might not be physical risks like jumping out of a plane. But there will always be some risk. It might be as simple as you teaching young people about addiction; it might be an emotional risk, a risk someone will laugh at you or not understand.

Life is about risk. To live is to take risks every day. You likely don't even think about it, when you cross a road, or use machinery, or trust someone with confidential information. 

You might have been taking huge risks with your gambling, which of course is not fruitful. But you can transfer this willingness to take risk, and use it to your advantage. You are a risk taker and you can turn this into taking good risks.

What do you believe in enough to risk? To risk your reputation on? To risk your time on? To risk your money on? To risk your talents on?

Only a real risk tests the reality of a belief
— C S Lewis