You have a problem

You just took the Problem Gambling Severity Index - which is a scientific tool to show if someone has a problem and how severe it is.

Your answers showed that you definitely have a problem with gambling.

This is likely to confirm what you already thought, but it can be sobering to realise it.

We recommend our 2 week course to you.  Our course is unique in the UK and is only available through this website. It blends online materials with two sessions with a volunteer befriender, from a church local to you (or your chaplaincy if in the armed forces or at university). The course is non-religious and open to all. It is not an easy option. 

If you don't feel ready to commit to this,  then simply access our online advice.  This still works really well but does not go into as much detail. You can always do this and then upgrade to the full course if you need to.