You are gambling at a moderately risky level

You just took the Problem Gambling Severity Index, an international measure of how serious a person's problem with gambling is.

Your score indicates Moderate Risk, i.e. moderate levels of problems leading to some negative consequences. About 4 in 100 of us gamble to "at risk" levels in the UK. You may have been fine with gambling for a while, but now you may feel the lows are starting to outnumber the highs. If you are becoming addicted to gambling it can damage your health, job and relationships. 

Gambling is on a spectrum. Today you might be moderate risk, but in six months time you might have progressed to having a real problem. This would be a good time to look at why you gamble, and what aspects of gambling you are worried about.

We have created some online advice with tips and encouragement. A lot of work has gone into this, but it is provided at no cost to you.