Gambling is a way of either escaping the pressures of life, or seeking a challenge. Some people gamble for escapism, because they can't cope with what life throws at them; others gamble for excitement, because they need a challenge in life. Does this ring true for you?

You have made choices to gamble - either by falling into it without thinking about what you're doing; or very deliberately.  It is your own choices that have got you addicted to gambling. You are not a victim.

My friend Struan Robertson is a business coach. His practical Kiwi wisdom is really helpful in all walks of life, and I wanted to show you this video where he asks: are you a victim of your circumstances?

The good news is that - because you are not a victim - you can choose a bright future. You can choose to be back in control of your life again, starting now. You can decide what happens next!

You can decide

As you are not a victim, you can make your decision even if you don't feel like it or even if you are not confident that you can do it. We have seen so many people recover from gambling (and other addictions). It is possible and we believe there is hope for you. 

The word decide comes from the latin to "cut off", so if you decide to quit then you are "cutting off" gambling from your life.

If the experience of other former gamblers is anything to go by, you will crave gambling. This does not mean that it was a bad decision, or that things will go wrong. It is just a sign of how entrenched your habits have become.


The first thing you need to do is make a decision. It sounds like stating the obvious, but many people simply do not take this step. They know what the best thing to do might be, but they think they can manage their gambling. 

Science has proven that people who make a formal commitment are more likely to keep to a decision. Make a written commitment to yourself and sign it. If you feel comfortable, tell a friend - or tell us here. We'd love to hear from you.

If you want, you could print out the checklist here, and use it to record all the things you will do as you work through this advice.