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 Dan Richter, founder of Better Futures

Dan Richter, Founder of Better Futures for Gamblers


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We will e-mail you to confirm we've got your referral. If you haven't had this within the next hour or so, then do check your spam folder. This email will tell you how to log in to our course. We will send you one session of our course every day, because you can't rush your recovery.



Our volunteer Supporters give up their free time, and so we want to ensure that you are ready to receive the support we are offering you. With this in mind, we ask for some kind of financial contribution as a sign that you are personally committed to the process. 

We found in the past that people who didn't pay anything at all often did not turn up to meet their Supporter. So we simply ask you to give what you want, even if it is just 50 pence. 

If you feel you cannot make any contribution at all, it is not a problem; just contact Dan using the form here and explain your situation.


Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I built my life
— J K Rowling