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Donate now


Please give what you can

We are the UK's social enterprise for gambling addiction. We help gamblers and their families. We are volunteers and give our time because we believe that what we do saves lives. 

We were founded in 2015 and we decided from the start never to take money from the gambling industry, unlike other organisations. In this way we protect our independence. You can see our publicly-available accounts here.

Our money comes from donations from people like you - people who have benefited from our work; and from the public. We also have an ongoing grant from Salisbury Vineyard Church.

We would love you to donate anything you feel you can - even 50p would help - because this will help us to reach others. 

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OR consider sponsoring us


Sponsor us

Sponsor us

Sponsor us

Sponsor us


Better Futures is a social enterprise and income from sponsorship helps support our mission - to offer high quality services to gamblers and their families. To contact us about sponsorship, click here.

Why might you want to sponsor us?

You might want to sponsor us if you’re family of a gambler and you want visible recognition. Or you might be a company where someone has been affected by gambling, or you simply want to show support for a good cause.

We can show your name, or company name, and / or a suitable image on our website.

Do we endorse our sponsors?

We do not endorse third party companies, products and services. We will always make it clear to our customers where content is sponsored by a third party, whether it is images or text. We do not do “advertorials” so any marketing content is always clearly separate from our actual content.

Will we TAKE any sponsorship?

Our policy is simple on what we will promote:

  1. No gambling

  2. No smoking, vaping, or alcohol. We do not make any judgements on these activities in themselves, but we believe that some people may find them unhelpful

  3. No political campaigns or lobbying

  4. We also reserve the right to refuse or to moderate other content, based around our Christian beliefs and family nature. For example, we would not promote a horror film or adult shop.

Opportunities available

The following pages on our website are available for sponsorship, at the following rates:

  • £20: A single blog or vlog post

  • £48 per year: Families advice pages (each)

  • £60 per year: Gamblers advice pages (each)

  • £120 per year: Families advice menu

  • £120 per year: Gamblers advice menu

If you're interested then please contact us