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You have just seen how much you should save when you give up gambling for the month.

About 1 in 100 people in the UK are addicted to gambling.  It affects all social classes, ages, genders, and backgrounds. One or two of the people you know probably have this hidden addiction.

We invite you to make a symbolic "bet you can" - not a real wager but a donation to our not-for-profit social enterprise - which is independent of government and the gambling companies.

We help people who are addicted to gambling, mainly by providing an app blended with face-to-face help. We'd be grateful for any amount, even just £1.

This will also help you psychologically, because you are putting a value to your decision - and money behind your commitment to do this. 

Next we will e-mail you some preliminary tips for how to succeed, with more to follow during the month of January.  Then in 31 days you can tell us how you did!

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