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Make a decision


Often, people like yourself are ambivalent about gambling. On the one hand, you might be frustrated at how much you've lost. On the other, you may still hold out hope of a Big Win - one which will solve all your money worries and problems. You probably like gambling - after all, it is designed to be stimulating - but dislike it at the same time. It is common to feel like this.

First, look at the questions below and find out: "How well do you know gambling". 

How well do you know gambling?



You can see from those questions that a lot of us have distorted perceptions of how gambling works, and just how likely we are to succeed. 

We make no apologies for advising people to give up gambling totally, rather than gamble less. Gambling to any extent will not make you a winner.  It is simply not a good way of getting money. The average "take" of the gambling companies is 15%. If you keep on gambling, that will be the average you lose out of what you stake. 

And you could be doing better things! It is not just the money that is sucked into the “fat cat” gambling companies that is the problem. A lot of time is spent gambling. Imagine what you could do –  study for a qualification, visit an elderly relative, get fitter… What could you be doing with your talents, your time, your energy? You could change the world for the better.


Firstly make a decision. It sounds like stating the obvious, but many people simply do not take this step. They know what the best thing to do might be, but they think they can manage their gambling. The word decide comes from the latin to "cut off", so if you decide then you are "cutting off" gambling from your life.

For more on what you should do if you do lapse, see the next section "Stick to your decision".

If you want, you could print out the checklist here, and use it to record all the things you will do as you work through this advice.